Ādisōke, the new Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives joint facility will be located at 555 Albert Street (formerly 557 Wellington Street). The site was recommended following one of the most robust site evaluation processes among Canadian public libraries. The comprehensive evaluation included external experts and a Fairness Commissioner, and considered best practices, City policies, legislation and public input.

The site was chosen for its configuration, access, unobstructed sight lines, cost and proximity to other cultural institutions. Located at the edge of Lebreton Flats, the site is linked to our national institutions, and to the lands of our three founding peoples. It overlooks the landscape of the Ottawa River, a vital natural system in the heart of the city.

To be developed for public use for the first time, the city-owned site will let us experience the city in a completely new way. Connected through the Pimisi LRT station and nearby pathways, this visitor magnet will invite us to easily discover Ottawa’s vibrant cultural past and promising future.

The site is:

  • Accessible by all modes of transportation
  • Within walking distance of two light-rail transit stations
  • A natural extension of Ottawa’s traditional downtown
  • Near other cultural institutions
  • Full of unique features, including the escarpment, historic Fleet Street pumping station and aqueduct
  • Large enough for indoor and outdoor programming spaces