Ādisōke Fall Update


It’s been a busy fall at the Ādisōke project site! All 150 caissons for the foundation were installed, marking a significant milestone for the project. The deepest caisson was over 17 metres deep, which helped stabilize the building’s foundation. A second tower crane was also erected on the site, signifying the ramping up of construction activities.

Photo 1: Drilling of the last two caissons

Photo 2: Installation of the second tower crane

In September, columns for the parking garage started to rise out of the ground. The granular stone backfill is now in place up to the lowest level of the parking garage, and the concrete floor slab will be poured in late 2022. The forming and pouring of foundation walls also continued.

Photo 3: Partial completion of columns for the parking garage.


Photo 4: Formation of foundation wall along Albert Street

In October, the single largest concrete pour for the project took place. It was an exciting piece in the story of the overall construction progress for Ᾱdisōke. Check out this video to watch some highlights from this major pour.

Photo 5: Concrete being poured for the pile cap

In November, the first suspended floor slabs were poured for the parking garage. Concrete and steel work associated with the parking garage will continue into 2023.

Photo 6: Suspended slab for the parking garage

Finally, the Project Team just celebrated the completion of the substructure for Ādisōke. The image below was recently taken at the project site. While the substructure is difficult to see (it’s beneath the granular backfill), if you look to the right, you can see formwork for the P1 parking garage slab.

Photo 7: Aerial photo from Ādisōke project site (November 2022)


With the substructure now complete, upcoming work will focus on finishing the parking garage. In the coming weeks, concrete floor slabs will continue to be poured for the P1 level of the parking garage and the first floor of the facility. The final foundation walls will also continue to be formed and poured. This work will be completed by early 2023.


The site for Ādisōke is located on the unceded, traditional territory of the Anishinābe Algonquin Nation. Ādisōke is an Anishinābemowin Algonquin word which refers to the telling of stories. You can find out how to pronounce it here.

Want to learn some construction vocabulary words in Anishinābemowin Algonquin language? Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing pronunciation videos to help you practice. Check out our website to start learning!


Regular construction updates are now available on the project website, as well as our Ādisōke Twitter page. You can also receive these short updates directly to your email inbox. To register, please email adisoke@ottawa.ca with the subject line: “Construction update subscription.”


Given the wide range of genealogy resources at Library and Archives and Canada (LAC), what will happen to the present Ottawa Public Library (OPL) genealogy resources at Main branch?

Ādisōke’s Genealogy Centre will invite clients to be active participants in research and discovery in a world-class research centre, combining OPL and LAC’s extensive genealogical services and collections.

OPL’s Genealogy Collection includes a wide selection of references, indexes, books, e-books, and DVDs as well as access to many great online resources. OPL anticipates bringing over to Ādisōke all of its non-duplicated genealogy collection from the OPL Main branch for nearly 8,000 items.

This collection will be a great addition to the LAC genealogy self-serve collection, which consists of 12,000 items composed of newspapers indexes, family histories, village and parish histories. This includes  more than 300 unique items in Canada nowhere else to be found, not to mention the access to databases related to family history. This new combined collection of nearly 20,000 items will continue to serve the public, genealogists and historians interested in a large variety of topics.